On the Border Gateway Protocol > Systems page you can create an environment with multiple autonomous systems.

Note – This page is only accessible if you enable the use of multiple AS on the Advanced page.

To create a new BGP system, do the following:

  1. On the Systems page, click New BGP System.

    The Add BGP System dialog box opens.

  2. Make the following settings:

    Name: Enter a descriptive name for the system.

    ASN: Enter the Autonomous System Number (ASN) of your system.

    Router ID: Enter an IPv4 address as router ID which is sent to neighbors during session initialization.

    Neighbor: Select the checkboxes of those neighbors who belong to the AS of this system. Note that you need to create the neighbors beforehand on the Neighbor page.

    Networks: Add or select the networks that should be announced by the system. How to add a definition is explained on the Definitions & Users > Network Definitions > Network Definitions page.

    Install routes: This option is enabled by default and should only be disabled if you want a BGP router to know the routes but not to actively take part in the BGP routing process. If there are multiple AS systems where this option is selected, filter lists must be created to ensure that there are no duplicate networks. Otherwise the routing behavior for identical networks is undefined.

  3. Click Save.

    The system appears on the Systems list.

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