User Portal: Sender Whitelist

On this tab, end users can whitelist senders, so that messages from them are never regarded as spam. However, emails with viruses or unscannable emails will still be quarantined.

Note – The Sender Whitelist tab is only available if the users' email address belongs to the network or domain monitored by Sophos UTM, and an administrator assigned them access rights to the feature.

Whitelisted senders can be specified by clicking the Plus icon, entering the address and clicking the Tick icon to save it. Users can either enter valid email addresses (e.g., or all email addresses of a specific domain using an asterisk as wildcard (e.g., * Sender whitelist and sender blacklist can be used in combination: Users can for example blacklist an entire domain (e.g., * but whitelist specific email addresses belonging to this domain (e.g., If the exact email address is listed on both, whitelist and blacklist, the address is blacklisted.

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