Configuring the Sophos IPsec Client

First you have to start the Sophos IPsec Client installation via double-clicking the downloaded exe file and follow the necessary steps in the installation wizard. As a separate software it has its own documentation. You can instantly use the 30-day trial licence or activate the software using the purchased license key.

After installation, in order to configure the Sophos IPsec Client, proceed as follows:

  1. Import the user’s configuration file.

    The profile settings of the INI file have to be imported to the Sophos IPsec Client. In the Profile dialog box, click Add/Import. The New Profile Wizard appears. Follow the steps of the wizard to import the user’s configuration file.

  2. Import the PKCS#12 file.

    Open the Configuration > Certificates menu of Sophos IPsec Client. Click Add. Enter a Name, and as Certificate select from PKCS#12 File. Then click the button next to PKCS#12 Filename. Browse for the PKCS#12 file of the user and select it.

    Store the key by clicking OK and close the dialog box.

  3. Assign the certificate to the user.

    Open the Configuration > Profiles menu on Sophos IPsec Client. In the Profile dialog box, select the imported profile, and click Edit. On the left, select the Identities entry. From the Certificate configuration drop-down list, select the previously imported certificate.

    Click OK.