You can combine two or more interfaces to a group. Groups can ease your configuration tasks. When creating multipath rules, you need to configure a group if you want to balance traffic over a defined group of uplink interfaces only instead of using all uplink interfaces.

To configure a Group interface, proceed as follows:

  1. On the Interfaces tab, click New Interface.

    The Add Interface dialog box opens.

  2. Make the following settings:

    Name: Enter a descriptive name for the interface.

    Type: Select Group from the drop-down list.

    Interfaces: Add the interfaces to be grouped.

    Comment (optional): Add a description or other information.

  3. Click Save.

    The group is added to the interface list. Groups do not have a status.

To show only interfaces of a certain type, select the type of the interfaces you want to have displayed from the drop-down list. To either edit or delete an interface, click the corresponding buttons.