Tunnel Broker

On the IPv6 > Tunnel Broker tab you can enable the use of a tunnel broker. Tunnel brokerage is a service offered by some ISPs which allows you to access the Internet using an IPv6 address.

Note – You can either have 6to4 enabled or Tunnel Broker.

Sophos UTM supports the following tunnel brokers:

  • Teredo (only anonymous)
  • Freenet6 (by GoGo6) (anonymous or with user account)
  • SixXS (user account necessary)
  • Hurricane Electric (user account necessary)

To use a tunnel broker, do the following:

  1. On the Tunnel Broker tab, enable the use of tunnel broker.

    Click the toggle switch.

    The toggle switch turns green and the Tunnel Broker area and the Advanced area become editable. The tunnel broker is immediately active using anonymous authentication at Teredo. The connection status is displayed on the Global tab.

If you use SixXS tunnels and the IPv6 connection gets lost the SixXS tunnels do not restart automatically. In this case check the log files which appear in Logging & Reporting > View Log Files > Today's Log Files.

Tunnel Broker

You can change the default tunnel broker settings.

Authentication: Select an authentication method from the drop-down list.

  • Anonymous: Using this method you do not need a user account at the respective broker. The IP address assigned will be, however, temporary.
  • User: You need to register at the respective broker to get a user account.

Broker: You can select another broker from the drop-down list.

Username (only available with User): Provide your username for the respective broker.

Password (only available with User): Provide your password for the username.

Click Apply to save your settings.


Here you can provide another server address for your selected tunnel broker.

Click Apply to save your settings.