On the Uplink Monitoring > Global tab you can enable or disable uplink monitoring.

To enable uplink monitoring, click the toggle switch.

The switch turns green.

If uplink monitoring is enabled, the Uplink Status section shows all current uplink interfaces and their statuses:

  • ONLINE: The uplink connection is established and functional.
  • OFFLINE: According to the monitoring, the uplink connection is defective.
  • DOWN: Either the uplink interface is disabled administratively, or—in case of a dynamic interface—the remote PPPClosed Point-to-Point Protocol or DHCPClosed Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server is not reachable.
  • STANDBY: The interface is defined as a standby interface on the Interfaces > Uplink Balancing tab, and it is currently not in use.

Note – If uplink balancing is enabled, the uplinks will always be monitored, even if uplink monitoring is disabled. Therefore, even if uplink monitoring is disabled, the uplink interfaces are displayed on this page when uplink balancing is enabled. In this case, the monitoring settings can be modified on the Interfaces > Uplink Balancing tab.