Today's Log Files

On the Logging & Reporting > View Log Files > Today's Log Files tab all current logs can easily be accessed.

This tab provides various actions that can be applied to all log files. The following actions are available:

  • Live Log: Opens a pop-up window allowing you to view the log file in real-time. New lines are added to the log file on the fly. If you select Autoscroll, the pop-up window will automatically scroll down to always display the most recent log. In addition, the pop-up window also contains a filter text box that allows you to limit the display of new logs to only those records that match the filter.
  • View: Opens a pop-up window that shows the log file in its current state.
  • Note – Log files bigger than 512 MB cannot be viewed or selected.

  • Clear: Deletes the contents of the log file.

Using the drop-down list in the table footer, you can either download selected log files as a zip file or clear their contents simultaneously.