User Preferences

On the Management > WebAdmin Settings > User Preferences tab you can configure some user preferences such as global shortcuts and items per page for currently logged-in users.

WebAdmin Shortcuts Configuration

Here you can configure keyboard shortcuts to open and close the drag-and-drop object lists used in many configurations (for more information, see WebAdmin > Object Lists) or to set the cursor focus on the menu search box (see also WebAdmin > WebAdmin Menu). Use the drop-down list to select a different modifier key and the text box to enter a different character. You can also turn off the keyboard shortcut by selecting Off from the drop-down list.

If you want to return to the default settings, click the Reset to Defaults button. Click Apply to save your settings.

Table Pager Options

Here you can globally define the pagination of tables for WebAdmin, i.e. how many items are displayed per page. Click the drop-down list and select a value. Click Apply to save your settings.

WebAdmin Browser Title Customization

Here you can change the label which is displayed on the WebAdmin browser window or tab. You can enter plain text and/or use the following variables:

  • %h: hostname
  • %u: username
  • %i: remote IP address

The default setting is WebAdmin - User %u - Device %h which translates for example into WebAdmin - User admin - Device Click Apply to save your settings.