Printable Configuration

On the Support > Printable Configuration page you can create a detailed report of the current WebAdmin configuration.

Note – The printable configuration is opened in a new window. Depending on your browser it may be necessary to allow pop-up windows for WebAdmin.

The structure of the printable configuration matches the WebAdmin menu structure to facilitate finding the corresponding configuration options in WebAdmin.

The printable configuration browser page consists of an overview page, called index, and several subpages. Links to subpages are highlighted blue. Subpages give detailed information to the respective topic. You can always return from a subpage to the index by clicking the Back to the index link at the bottom of the subpage.

Security Note – Passwords saved as plain text in the storage, e.g. with Active Directory, will be shown unencrypted in the printable configuration.

There are two more viewing options for the printable configuration:

  • WebAdmin format
  • Confd format

You can find the links to these viewing options at the bottom of the index page.