WebAdmin is the web-based administrative interface that allows you to configure every aspect of Sophos UTM. WebAdmin consists of a menu and pages, many of which have multiple tabs. The menu on the left of the screen organizes the features of Sophos UTM in a logical manner. When you select a menu item, such as Network Protection, it expands to reveal a submenu and the associated page opens. Note that for some menu items no page is associated. Then, the page of the previously selected menu or submenu item keeps being displayed. You have to select one of the submenu items, which opens the associated page at its first tab.

On the first start of the WebAdmin the Setup Wizard appears unique. Follow the instructions to set up the most important settings.

The procedures in this documentation direct you to a page by specifying the menu item, submenu item, and the tab, for example: "On the Interfaces & Routing > Interfaces > Hardware tab, configure ..."

Note – Sophos UTM requires the latest version of Firefox (recommended), latest version of Chrome, latest version of Safari, or last two versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. JavaScript must be enabled. In addition, the browser must be configured not to use a proxy for the IP address of Sophos UTM’s internal network card (eth0).

WebAdmin: Overview

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