Button Bar

The buttons in the upper right corner of WebAdmin provide access to the following features:

  • Username/IP: Shows the currently logged-in users and their IP address from which WebAdmin is accessed.
  • Open Live Log: Clicking this button opens the live log that is associated with the WebAdmin menu or tab you are currently on. To see a different live log without having to change the menu or tab, hover over the Live Log button. After some seconds a list of all available live logs opens where you can select a live log to display. Your selection is memorized as long as you stay on the same WebAdmin menu or tab.

    Tip – You can also open live logs via the Open Live Log buttons provided on multiple WebAdmin pages.

  • Online Help: Every menu, submenu, and tab has an online help screen that provides context-sensitive information and procedures related to the controls of the current WebAdmin page.

    Note – The online help is version-based and updated by means of patterns. If you update to a new firmware version, your online help will also be updated, if available.

  • Reload: To request the already displayed WebAdmin page again, always click the Reload button.

    Note – Never use the reload button of the browser, because otherwise you will be logged out of WebAdmin.