Potentially Unwanted Applications

On the Web Protection > Filtering Options > PUAs tab you can maintain lists of authorized Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs). Your Sophos UTM can identify applications that are potentially unwanted in a business environment and block them. To allow specific PUAs when blocking is enabled, add the name as reported in the block page or the logs.

To add an entry to the Local Site List:

  1. Click the Plus icon on the Authorized PUAs list.
  2. Enter the PUA definition.

    To find PUA definitions, go to Logging & Reporting > Web Protection > Web Usage Report and select PUA Downloaders from the Available Reports drop-down list.

  3. Click Apply.

By clicking the Open Actions menu icon, next to the green Plus icon, you can import or export a text list of PUAs and clear the Authorized PUAs list.

Cross Reference – Find information about configuring PUA blocking on Sophos UTM in the Sophos Knowledge Base.