On the Quarantine Report > Advanced tab you can configure an alternative hostname and port number for the Release links contained in daily Quarantine Reports. Additionally, you can change the release options for spam emails.

Advanced Quarantine Report Options

Hostname: By default, this is the gateway's hostname as given on the Management > System Settings > Hostname tab. The quarantine report, for example, which is sent by the gateway, contains hyperlinks users can click to release messages from the email quarantine. By default, these links point to the hostname specified here. If you want to enable users to release their emails from across the Internet, it might be necessary to enter an alternative hostname here that can be publicly resolved.

Port: By default, port 3840 is configured. You can change the port to any value in the range from 1024 to 65535.

Allowed networks: You can also specify the networks that should be allowed to connect to the email release service. By default, only the internal network is selected.

Click Apply to save your settings.

Release Options

Here you can select which types of quarantined messages shall be releasable by users. You can choose between the following options:

Click Apply to save your settings.