On the Quarantine Report > Global tab you can define at what time the daily Quarantine Report shall be sent and write a message text that will appear in the Quarantine Reports.

To edit the Quarantine Report settings, enable the Quarantine Report: Click the toggle switch.
The switch turns green.

Time to Send Report

Here you can define when the daily Quarantine Report will be sent. Select the time using the drop-down lists and click Apply.
You can also send an additional report. For this, select the checkbox Send Additional Report, set the time, and click Apply.

Customizable Message Text

Here you can customize the text which forms the introduction of the Quarantine Report. Change the message text according to your needs and click Apply.

Note – It is not possible to use HTML tags in the customizable message text box.

Note – Customization is not possible when using a home use license.

Note – The notification sender is the mail address which is configured on the Management > Notifications > Global tab.