On the Multicast Routing (PIM-SM) > Global tab you can enable and disable PIM. The Routing Daemon Settings area displays the status of interfaces and routers involved.

Before you can enable PIM you need to define at least two interfaces to serve as PIM interfaces on the Interfaces tab and one router on the RP Routers tab.

To enable PIM-SM, do the following:

  1. On the Global tab enable PIM-SM.

    Click the toggle switch.

    The toggle switch turns amber and the Routing Daemon Settings area becomes editable.

  2. Specify the following settings:

    Active PIM-SM interfaces: Select at least two interfaces to use for PIM-SM. Interfaces can be configured on the Interfaces tab.

    Active PIM-SM RP routers: Select at least one RP router to use for PIM-SM. RP routers can be defined on the RP Routers tab.

  3. Click Apply.

    Your settings will be saved.

    The toggle switch turns green and PIM-SM communication is now active in your network.

To cancel the configuration, click the amber colored toggle switch. To disable PIM-SM click the green toggle switch.

Live Log

Click the Open Live Log button to open the PIM live log in a new window.