Support Access

The Support Access function on the Support > Support Access tab enables support staff to connect to the WebAdmin of Sophos UTM without knowing a certain login account. Support will have root access to Sophos UTM and connect via SSH.The HTTPS traffic of the session is proxied by the Support Access function. Identification of Sophos UTM happens through an access ID which you have to convey to the support staff. When Support Access is enabled, Support can access Sophos UTM over HTTPS on TCP port 22 from the WAN. The connection can only be initiated by Sophos UTM.

To initiate the Support Access Management function, proceed as follows:

  1. Enable Support Access Management.

    Click the toggle switch.

    The toggle switch turns green and the Settings area becomes editable.

  2. Specify the access time.

    Select from Grant access for the time the access should be valid.

    Note – You can extend or shorten the access time at any time by applying the settings again.

  3. Click Apply.

    Sophos UTM establishes a secure control connection and negotiates a unique access ID.

  4. Communicate the Access ID to the Sophos support.

    The support uses this access ID to log in to Sophos UTM. The connection remains established until the specified time expires or you deactivate the function.

To deactivate the Support Access, click the toggle switch.

Access Status

If the Support Access is enabled, the Access ID and the time the access ends automatically are displayed.

Live Log

The Live Log logs the Support Access activities, showing all incoming commands. Click the button to open the live log in a new window.