This section provides information on installing and setting up Sophos UTM on your network. The installation of Sophos UTM proceeds in two steps: first, installing the software; second, configuring basic system settings. The initial setup required for installing the software is performed through a console-based installation menu. The internal configuration can be performed from your management workstation through the web-based administrative interface of Sophos UTM called WebAdmin. Before you start the installation, check if your hardware meets the minimum system requirements.

Note – If you are employing a Sophos UTM hardware appliance, you can skip the following sections and directly jump to the Basic Configuration section, as all Sophos UTM hardware appliances ship with Sophos UTM Software preinstalled.

You can also set up Sophos UTM in public cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). For more information on how to deploy Sophos UTM on AWS, please refer to Sophos UTM on AWS Quick Start Guide.

The following topics are included in this chapter: