Sophos Mobile Control

With Sophos Mobile Control (SMC) you can manage, secure, update, control which apps are allowed to be installed, locate, secure company emails mobile devices like smartphones and tablets with iOS, Android or Windows Phone. The Sophos Mobile Control WebAdmin interface gives you the possibility to define compliant devices and users, set network access control and push the settings to the SMC server

For more information, visit the Sophos Mobile Control website.

SMC Server

SMC runs on a separate server. In Sophos UTM you can connect to the SMC server to get an overview of the compliant and non-compliant devices and users, define network access for VPN and wireless networks and push network configurations to the SMC server.

You can run an SMC server in two different ways:

  • With an on-premise installation to keep your data in-house on your own server.
  • Using the SMC as a service version where no hardware is necessary on your part.

Note – To use SMC you need a valid license. After downloading the software from the Sophos Mobile Control Website, you receive a trial license. You can get a full license from your Sophos partner.

For more information on SMC server and licenses, see the Sophos Mobile Control Documentation.

SMC Apps

To use SMC on your mobile devices you need to download the SMC app to your smartphone or tablet. You can download the app for free in each app store (Apple iTunes, Google Play or Windows App Store).