Wireless Protection

The Wireless Protection menu allows you to configure and manage wireless access points for your Sophos UTM, the corresponding wireless networks, and the clients which use wireless access. The access points are automatically configured on your Sophos UTM, so there is no need to configure them individually. The communication between Sophos UTM and the access point, which is used to exchange the access point configuration and status information, is encrypted using AES.

Important Note – When the lights of your access point blink furiously, do not disconnect it from power! Furiously blinking lights mean that a firmware flash is currently in progress. A firmware flash takes place for example after an Sophos UTM system update that comes with a Wireless Protection update.

The following topics are included in this chapter:

The Wireless Protection overview page gives you general information on connected access points, their status, connected clients, wireless networks, mesh networks, and mesh peer links.

In the Currently Connected section, you can sort the entries by SSID or by access point, and you can expand and collapse the individual entries by clicking the Collapse icon on the left.

Live Log

You can click the Open Wireless Protection Live Log button to see detailed connection and debug information for the access points and clients trying to connect.