Scan Settings

Antivirus Engine Preferences

Select the antivirus engine which will be used in all single scan configurations throughout WebAdmin. In dual scan configurations, both antivirus engines will be used. Note that dual scan is not available with BasicGuard subscription. Click Apply to save your settings.

Advanced Threat Protection Options

Select the Send suspicious content to SophosLabs for analysis option to help improve protection. SophosLabs features a cloud-based sandbox where the behavior of suspected malware can be automatically observed and analyzed. This helps ensure speedy delivery of protection updates directly to your Sophos UTM. Disabling this functionality may increase defense response time.

All submissions are sent over a secure channel and are handled according to the SophosLabs Information Security Policy.

Antispam Engine Preferences

A parent proxy is often required in those countries that require Internet access to be routed through a government-approved proxy server. If your security policy requires the use of a parent proxy, you can set it up here by selecting the host definition and port.

Use a parent proxy:

  1. Select the checkbox to enable parent proxy use.
  2. Select or add the host.
  3. Enter the port of the proxy.

    For how to add a network definition, see Definitions & Users > Network Definitions > Network Definitions.

  4. Click Apply.

    Your settings will be saved.

Proxy requires authentication: If the parent proxy requires authentication, enter username and password here.