Tunnel Management

On the RED Management > Tunnel Management page you can configure your Sophos UTM to act as a RED appliance to be able to establish a RED tunnel to another Sophos UTM. The remote host Sophos UTM will then serve as RED hub for your Sophos UTM.

The [Client] tag in front of the page name indicates that this page only needs configuration if Sophos UTM should act as RED client.

To connect your Sophos UTM to the host Sophos UTM you need a provisioning file. This file needs to be generated on the host Sophos UTM (see Client Management).

To connect your Sophos UTM to the host Sophos UTM, proceed as follows:

  1. On the host Sophos UTM, add your local Sophos UTM to the Client Management list.
  2. On the host Sophos UTM, download the provisioning file for your Sophos UTM.
  3. On your local Sophos UTM, click Add Tunnel.

    The Add Tunnel dialog box opens.

  4. Specify the following settings:

    Tunnel name: Enter a descriptive name for this tunnel.

    UTM host: Select the remote Sophos UTM host.

    Type: Select Firewall RED client. Only use the legacy option if the host Sophos UTM has a version earlier than 9.7.

    Prov. file: Click the Folder icon, select the provisioning file you want to upload, and click Start Upload.

    Comment (optional): Add a description or other information.

  5. Click Save.

    The RED tunnel will be established and displayed on the Tunnel Management list.