The Network Protection > IPS tab presents comprehensive data about intrusion prevention activities on your network.

From the first drop-down list, select the type of data to display, e.g., Top Source Hosts or Top Destinations By Source. Select the desired entry, and, if an additional box is displayed, specify the respective filter argument. Additionally, using the drop-down list below, you can filter the entries by time. Always click Update to apply the filters.

On the By Source and By Destination views you can manually provide an IP/Network, as well as network ranges (e.g., or 10/8). On the Top Source Hosts or Top Destinations Hosts views, if you click an IP in the result table, it will automatically be used as a filter for the Top Destinations by Source or Top Sources by Destination view.

By default, 20 entries per page are displayed. If there are more entries, you can jump forward and backward using the Forward and Backward icons, respectively. In the Number of rows drop-down list, you can increase the number of entries displayed per page.

You can sort all data by clicking the table column headers.

You can download the data in PDF or Excel format by clicking one of the corresponding icons in the top right corner of the tab. The report is generated from the current view you have selected. Additionally, by clicking the Pie Chart icon—if present—you can get a pie chart displayed above the table.