User Portal: Mail Log

On this tab, end users can view a log of their email traffic sent via SMTP.

Note – The Mail Log tab is only for email address belonging to the domain monitored by the SMTP proxy of Sophos UTM, and only available for users whom an administrator gave access rights to this feature. If both SMTP and POP3 have been activated for certain users, the tab is called SMTP Log for them.

The Mail Log tab shows log entries of all email traffic of the users' email addresses. Log entries of undelivered emails contain the information about why they have not been delivered. Double-clicking a log entry opens a window with more log information.

By default, all emails are shown. If the list contains more than twenty emails, it is split into several chunks which can be browsed with Next (>) and Previous (<) buttons.

Users can influence which items are displayed:

Sort by: By default, the list is sorted by time of arrival. Messages can be sorted by date, subject line, sender address, and message size.

and show: The checkbox allows to display 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, or all messages per page. Note that showing all messages may take a lot of time.

Several elements on the page let users filter their emails:

  • # log events on file: On top of the page, several checkboxes allow to show or hide emails according to their status.
  • Addresses: Allows to filter the emails according to the sender address.
  • Sender/Subject substring: Here users can enter a sender or subject to search for in the quarantined messages.
  • Received date: To only show messages processed during a certain time frame, users can enter a date or select a date from the Calendar icon.