On the Web Protection > FTP > Global tab you can configure the basic settings of the FTPClosed File Transfer Protocol proxy.

To configure the FTP proxy, proceed as follows:

  1. On the Global tab, enable the FTP proxy.

    Click the toggle switch.

    The toggle switch turns amber and the FTP Settings area becomes editable.

  2. Select the allowed networks.

    Select the networks that are allowed to use the FTP proxy.

  3. Select an operation mode.

    Select an operation mode for the FTP proxy. The following modes are available:

    • Transparent: The proxy forwards the client request to the target server and scans the content. No configuration on client side is necessary.
    • Non-transparent: Using this mode you need to configure the FTP clients. Use the gateway's IP address and port 2121.
    • Both: This mode allows you to use transparent mode for some clients and non-transparent mode for others. Configure FTP clients that are to work in non-transparent mode to use a proxy with the gateway's IP address and port 2121.
  4. Click Apply.

    Your settings will be saved.

    The switch turns green.

Note – The FTP proxy is unable to communicate with FTP servers that use Active Directory authentication. To enable FTP clients to connect to an FTP server of that kind, add the server to the FTP proxy skiplist, which is configured on the Advanced tab.