On the Management > User Portal > Global tab you can enable the User Portal. Additionally you can specify which networks and which users should be granted access to the User Portal.

To enable User Portal access, proceed as follows:

  1. Enable the User Portal.

    Click the toggle switch.

    The toggle switch turns amber and the User Portal Options area becomes editable.

  2. Select allowed networks.

    Add or select the networks that should be allowed to access the User Portal. For how to add a network definition, see Definitions & Users > Network Definitions > Network Definitions.

  3. Select allowed users.

    By default, all users are allowed to access the User Portal, where “all users” means users known to the system. For backend authentication, the user directory must be synchronized with the UTM for those users to be able to log in to the User Portal.

    If you want to grant access to particular users or groups, unselect the Allow all users checkbox and select users or user groups individually.

  4. Click Apply.

    Your settings will be saved.

    The switch turns green.