Wireless Clients

The Wireless Protection > Wireless Clients page gives you an overview of clients that are currently connected to an access point or have been connected in the past.

As not all clients transmit their name you can give them a name here to ease distinguishing known clients in the overview. If clients transmit their NetBIOS name during the DHCP request, their name is displayed in the table. Otherwise they will be listed as [unknown]. You can change the name of (unknown) clients by clicking the Plus icon in front of the name. Then enter a name and click Save. It takes a few seconds for the change to take effect. Click the Reload button in the upper right corner of WebAdmin to see the name of the client. If you want to change the name, click the Edit button.

Note – Adding a name to a client can have a short effect on the performance.

You can also delete clients from the table by clicking the Delete icon.

A restart of the Wireless Protection service will erase Last seen timestamps.