Common Features

Easy to use

The appliances reduce administrative effort by providing quick access to relevant information. The appliances offer:
  • an intuitive management console that enables optimal control with minimal time and effort.
  • a unified security policy that eliminates the complexity of administering effective web security.
  • powerful reports that deliver unprecedented insight on inbound and outbound web traffic.


The appliances offer a complete infrastructure built to replace customers’ concerns about security with the assurance of protection. The appliances provide:
  • dynamic threat response with instant protection against new web-based threats every 5 minutes.
  • remote "heartbeat" monitoring that proactively ensures up-to-date protection and optimal hardware and software performance.
  • industry-leading 24/7/365 live support directly from Sophos.
  • on-demand remote assistance that provides easy, direct access to Sophos Technical Support.
  • a robust hardware platform designed specifically to Sophos specifications.
  • a hardened Linux operating system optimized for Sophos software.