On a joined web appliance this page is named Local Administrators, as accounts created on a joined system are available only on the local system. An account created on a management appliance, including Limited Access Administrator accounts, is referred to as a “global account”. Global accounts can access the same features on any web appliance for which their role or roles grant them permission.

The Configuration > Accounts > Administrators page allows you to create, modify, and delete appliance administrator accounts. New appliance Administrators can be either Full Access Administrators, who have access to all system management tasks or Limited Access Administrators, who can only access the system management tasks for which they have been granted permission.

The default administrator account cannot be deleted and only its password can be changed. If you need to reset a forgotten password for the default administrator, you can do so by following the instructions provided when you click the Reset password for default administrator link on the main login page.
Note To reset the default administrator’s password, you will need the product activation code that you received when you purchased your appliance. This allows you to enable Sophos Remote Assistance, after which Sophos Technical Support is able to reset the password.