Global Policy

Note: Of the pages in this section, only the General Options page is also available on a joined web appliance. All of the other functionality in this section has been shifted to the management appliance.

Use the Global Policy pages to change the web appliance’s default processing of user web requests.

  • Use the Security Filter page to configure how user requests for Medium Risk and Unclassified sites are handled by the web appliance.
  • Use the Dynamic Categorization page to enable or disable the automatic detection of anonymizers and web caching sites, which knowledgeable users can access to view sites that would otherwise be blocked.
  • Use the Data Leakage Prevention page to disallow users from sending web mail or posting to web logs (blogs).
  • Use the HTTPS Scanning page to enable or disable malware scanning of HTTPS (SSL) sessions.
  • Use the Certificate Validation page to set whether HTTPS certificates are automatically validated, and to add certificates not in the Sophos certificate list to the Custom certificate list for automatic validation.
  • Use the Download Options page to allow or block access to specific types of downloads.
  • Use the General Options page to set a variety of appliance options.