Group Policy

Note: In this section, only the Policy Test page is available on a joined web appliance, as the functionality of the other pages have been shifted to the management appliance.

Use the Group Policy pages to configure how the web appliance policies are applied to specified user groups or are applied at specified times.

  • Use the Default Policy page to configure how URL requests to sites categorized by content type and download types are handled by the web appliance, and to manage access to popular Web Applications.
  • Use the Default Groups page to select the groups of users to which the default policy rules set on the Default Policy page are applied.
  • Use the Special Hours page to configure a second set of rules about how URL requests to sites classified by content type and download types are handled by the web appliance that can be used during scheduled time periods.
  • Use the Additional Policies page to create additional policies that can override the Default policy and the Special hours policy.
  • Use the Local Site List page to view all of the URLs that have been added to the list and to manage that list. URLs are added to the list to extend the filtering provided by the web appliance to URLs not included in the Sophos site list or to override the default filtering specified in the Sophos site list.
  • Use the Policy Test page to test the policy applied to a specified site with a specified user and, optionally, at a specified time.