Use the Network pages to change the configuration of the appliance’s connection to, and identity within, your organization’s network.

Note: All of the pages in this section are available in all three operating modes—stand-alone web appliance, joined web appliance, and management appliance—however, not all features on the Network Interface and Hostname pages are available in every operating mode. See the documentation for those pages for detailed information about what features are available in each operating mode.
  • Use the Network Interface page to configure your appliance’s IP address and its access to DNS servers.
  • Use the Hostname page to set your appliance’s hostname as well as an upstream or downstream proxy.
  • Use the WCCP page to enable Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) integration between your web appliance and WCCP-enabled routers.
  • Use the Network Connectivity page to test your appliance’s connection to any upstream proxy, your ISA/TMG server, the internet, and to Sophos.
  • Use the Diagnostic Tools page to troubleshoot connection problems between the appliance and other servers on the internet.