Note: On this page on a joined web appliance, the capability for "Scheduling Automatic Updates" is not available as this functionality has been shifted to the management appliance.

Use the Configuration > System > Updates page to check the software update status, manually initiate queued software updates, and to set the schedule for automatic software updates.

New threat definitions from SophosLabs (including anti-virus, anti-malware, and IP classification data) are automatically downloaded and installed without delay.

The Software engine section of the Updates page lists the current software version and available software updates. You can manually initiate a pending software update any time prior to the scheduled automatic software update time specified in the Software engine update schedule section. If there are multiple versions of the software available, selecting the most recent will apply previous updates, one at a time, until the appliance is at the latest software revision.

If Enable automatic updates is selected under Software engine update schedule, you can configure what time period and day(s) that software updates will be applied. If you do not perform the pending update manually before this scheduled operation, then any pending software maintenance updates will be performed during the time period and on the days indicated, so that no update is ever missed. Critical software updates are applied on the day they are received, even if that day is not selected in the schedule, and they are performed during the time window specified for all updates.
Important Sophos recommends you select Enable automatic updates. If you choose to only update manually, you should still apply updates in a timely manner. If Enable automatic updates is not selected:
  • Critical updates, which can include very important security enhancements, will not be automatically installed.
  • Updating to the latest revision can be a lengthy process, as each available update will be applied one at a time until the system is at the current revision, including reboots for those that require it.
  • When contacting support, you will need to update to the latest revision to properly troubleshoot any issue you.