Configuring Your Browser

This section contains instructions for configuring your browser to use the web appliance web proxy server.

Before you configure your browser, you need to know the domain name (DNS) of your web appliance, and for certain browsers, the IP address. Contact your IT department to obtain this information. The proxy port number is 8080, although you can also use 3128 and 8081 if your system administrator instructs you to do so.

Select and apply the configuration instructions for each web browser that you use.
Note The Browser Configuration page is included for distribution to your users as instructions on how to configure their browsers to use the appliance, as is required for Explicit Deployment. These instructions should be emailed to your users, along with the domain name, IP address, and port of your organization’s appliance.
Note Configuring all user’s browsers to use the web appliance as a web proxy can be done centrally in Windows networks by using any of the following methods, an overview of these can be found at the end of the Sophos Web Appliance: Configuring your network for Explicit Deployment Knowledgebase article, which includes the following: