Getting Support

Sophos Appliances are equipped with advanced monitoring and assistance technologies that deliver a superior customer support experience. Every installed appliance is kept up to date and at its operational peak with minimal administrative involvement. Sophos appliances communicate with Sophos Technical Support every five minutes, automatically receiving anti-virus and URL classification updates and reporting on hardware health and protection status.

You can send a support request directly from the appliance help system. Click the Sophos Support icon in the online help’s titlebar to access this feature.

Sophos appliances also feature optional Remote Assistance via a secure reverse-tunnel SSH connection. This lets you grant Sophos Technical Support direct remote access to your appliance for faster problem resolution. Contact Sophos Technical Support before enabling Remote Assistance.

Active Monitoring also delivers automatic alerts on the protection status and license validity.

Sophos Appliances with Active Monitoring deliver a new height of gateway protection, offering the control and efficiency of an appliance and the simplicity of a managed service.

To contact your local Sophos office, see:

Product Warranty

Each unit comes with a three-year advanced replacement warranty to help keep networks up and running even in the event of hardware failure. If a hardware component or entire appliance requires replacement at any time during the first three years, Sophos will cover the costs of the new appliance and delivery. The customer is responsible for returned unit delivery charges.

Hardware Support

All appliances carry a standard Advanced Replacement Warranty. Sophos will initiate the replacement within two hours of a confirmed failure. Next-day delivery (not including delays from international Customs clearing, if required) will occur according to the following cut-offs, Monday through Friday:

Customer Region Local Cut-off Time
United States, Canada 12:00 (Boston, USA)
United Kingdom, EMEA 12:00 (London, UK)
France and Spain 13:00 (Paris, FR)
Germany, Switzerland and Austria 13:00 (Frankfurt, DE)
Italy 13:00 (Milan, IT)
Asia Pacific 16:00 (Sydney, AU)
Japan 14:00 (Yokohama, JP)
Australia, New Zealand 16:00 (Sydney, AU)

Hardware replacement requests received after the times shown above will be fulfilled on the second subsequent business day.