Quota Time

Policies created under Configuration > Group Policy > Additional Policies can be configured using the quota time feature. Quota time allows you to create a policy that allows access to certain sites for a limited amount of time in a day. For instance, you may want to limit access to social media sites without blocking them completely. Using the quota time feature, you can create policies for different users and groups to limit access based on categories and tags to a specified amount of browsing time.

When creating a policy in the Additional Policy Wizard, you can choose Quota from the Action drop-down on both the Site Categories and Tags page, and then set the allowed minutes for that policy on the Name and Schedule page. All categories and tags set to Quota for an additional policy will count towards the allowed minutes for that quota, which can be configured on the Name and Schedule page of the Additional Policy Wizard.
Note Sophos Endpoint Web Control cannot enforce quota time. If you use Endpoint Web control you can configure an alternate action on the Configuration > System > Endpoint Web Control page. By default, Endpoint Web Control will warn a user when browsing to a site associated with a quota time policy.