The Reports tab provides graphical and textual data on a variety of aspects of web appliance activity and performance.

On the left side of the tab is a navigation sidebar with links to the individual reports pages.

From the Options section of the sidebar, you can configure the Reporting Groups (the groups upon which group-based reporting is based), and use the Report Scheduler (in which you set up the automated emailing of sets of reports sent as PDFs to selected individuals on a configurable schedule).

The reports, and the Options pages, are displayed on the middle part of the tab.

The Report Parameters sidebar on the right side of the tab allows you to modify the time period covered by the report, and, for some reports, allows you to change the type of data that is reported on as well.

You can modify, print, and export any of the reports from within the individual reports pages.

You can get related information by clicking on items in the report results. For instance, if you click on a specific category in the results of the Browse Time By User report, the report will switch to the Top Users By Category report with the relevant report parameters set. If you click on a username in the High Risk Site Visitors report, the appliance will run a search on that username filtered by Blocked (High Risk) and the relevant username.
Note Search > Recent Activity Search results only include page views and file downloads, while Reports may include various other data, and may not match the results of Recent Activity Search queries. Similarly, reports may list no hits while still reporting a byte count.