Users: Browse Summary By User

Use the Browse Summary By User report to get detailed browsing information for a specific user. Enter a user, optionally select a time period under Report Parameters, and click Run Report. You can choose which data you the graph to display with the Display by drop down. Select Browse time, Site visits, or Bytes consumed.

Text output below the graph displays:

  • Date: For searches that span multiple days this field will show the date for the related usage. If searching a single day, this will display the hour.
  • Visits: The total number of visits to each site.
  • Bytes: The total number of bytes downloaded from each site.
  • Browse time: The total browse time for the date (or hour if searching a single day).
Note Usernames are specified in the format DOMAIN\User in the text box to the right of the report. Alternatively, an IP address may be specified.
Note The Top Bandwidth Users report may not match Browse Summary By User reports, as the former includes all data, while the latter include only data from initial page hits, and do not include any content, such as images or CSS.