Users: Users By Search Queries

A data table is displayed showing user queries that match keywords and phrases you have specified in the Search Terms list. No data is shown in this report unless you have added one or more entries to a Search Terms list that is turned on.

By default, user web queries are ranked according the date and time of the query, starting with the most recent query. You can also sort the results according to the list name or the user. The data table contains these columns:

  • User: The username and/or the IP address of the machine on which the query was submitted.
  • Search query: The word(s) included in the user query.
  • List name: The name in the search terms list containing the matching word(s) or phrase(s).
  • Date/Time: The exact time at which the query was submitted.

The available search parameters vary from one report to another. See “Modifying Reports” for a description of each parameter.