Users: PUA Downloaders

By default, a pie chart of the top five PUA downloaders, plus all others, each shown as a percentage of the total number of PUAs downloaded today since midnight. The data table shows the following:

  • Full list of users who downloaded PUAs during the reporting period. If your web appliance is configured to access a single-domain Active Directory server, only the username of each user is displayed; if the web appliance is configured to access the global catalog of a multidomain Active Directory forest, users are displayed in the form "domain\username". Usernames for eDirectory are specified in the form user.context.
  • IP addresses to which they downloaded PUAs.
  • count of PUAs downloaded.
  • Top five PUAs (maximum) downloaded by each user.

Click on a username or IP address to view a Search > By User of all URLs blocked due to PUAs.

The available search parameters vary from one report to another. See “Modifying Reports” for a description of each parameter.