Users: Site Visits By User

By default, a pie chart is displayed of the top five sites browsed by the specified user, plus a segment for all the other sites. Each site segment of the chart is shown as a percentage of the total number of visits or bytes that the user was browsing during the specified time period, counting only allowed pages. The data table shows the following:

  • Sites: A list of the top 25 sites in which the specified user browsed.
  • Category: The category under which the site is listed.
  • Visits: The total number of visits to each site.
  • Bytes: The total number of bytes downloaded from each site.

The list may be sorted by site visits or bytes consumed.

Note Usernames are specified in the format DOMAIN\User in the text box to the right of the report. Alternatively, if Active Directory integration is not enabled, an IP address may be specified.

The available search parameters vary from one report to another. See “Modifying Reports” for a description of each parameter.