Users: Top Bandwidth Users

By default, a pie chart is displayed of the top five bandwidth users and all others. These are shown as a percentage of the total bandwidth used today since midnight, counting both allowed and blocked traffic. The text output shows the following:

  • Top 25 bandwidth users during the reporting period. If the appliance is configured to access a single-domain Active Directory server, only the username of each user is displayed. If the appliance is configured to access the global catalog of a multidomain Active Directory forest, users are displayed in the form "domain\username".
  • Top five destinations of each user.
  • Total bytes for each user, or bytes for the specified direction.
  • Total bytes for each of the top 5 destinations for each user listed.
Note The Top Bandwidth Users report may not match Browse Summary By User reports, as the former includes all data, while the latter include only data from initial page hits, and do not include any content, such as images or CSS.

Click on a username to view a Search > By User of all URLs viewed or downloaded.

The available search parameters vary from one report to another. See “Modifying Reports” for a description of each parameter.