Submitting Samples to Sophos

If you have enabled automatic submission of sample files to Sophos, and a file is deemed potentially malicious but cannot be positively identified as malicious based on its characteristics alone, Sample Submission allows Sophos servers to request a copy (sample) of the file. If Sophos does not already hold a sample of the file, the file is submitted to Sophos automatically.

Submission of such sample files helps Sophos to enhance detection of malware continuously and reduce the risk of false positives. Because Sample Submission increases the protection that our software provides, we strongly recommend that this feature be enabled to provide a more secure experience.

Note The maximum sample size is 10 MB. The timeout for sample upload is 30 seconds.

Privacy Information

Because enabling Sample Submission will send a copy of the potentially malicious file(s) to Sophos for scanning, you should consider any data protection obligations that you may be subject to before deciding to allow Sample Submission to be enabled. You are solely responsible for your compliance with any applicable data protection obligations. Sophos understands that our users’ files can contain sensitive information. Sophos will only use your files for the purposes of providing you with threat assessment and analysis services, and improving our threat detection and management capabilities and technology. Samples that are detected as malicious are retained by Sophos so that we can protect you and other users from that threat in the future, and to improve detection of similar threats. Depending on where you are geographically located, samples may be sent for processing in Sophos data centres outside of the European Union, but Sophos takes all appropriate and legally obliged measures to ensure that such data is secured and protected to European data protection standards, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Learn more about how we process samples and view the Sophos Group Privacy Policy.

We strongly recommend that you enable Sample Submission as it will provide you with a more secure experience, better protection for your sensitive data, and also help us to improve our collective efforts to mitigate cybersecurity threats in the global community.