Network Deployment Troubleshooting

The following is a list of known web appliance network deployment issues and their solutions.

"Blocked" Notification Page Lacks Graphics and a Stylesheet

Problem: If the "Blocked" notification page is displayed without any graphics and as raw HTML without the formatting of a stylesheet, the problem can result from the following combination of conditions in your network deployment:
  • Your browser is configured to bypass use of the web appliance for your internal sites (for example, the domain name of your web appliance would normally be bypassed).
  • Your browser is configured with the web appliance’s IP address instead of its fully qualified hostname.
  • Your DNS server cannot resolve the web appliance’s IP address.

Solution: The best solution is to add the web appliance to your DNS server.

Firewall reports attachments stripped from web appliance-generated email

Background: The web appliance provides a managed appliance experience that is enabled in part by sending system status snapshots as email attachments to Sophos to ensure that your web appliance is operating within acceptable thresholds.

Problem: Firewalls can strip attachments from web appliance-generated email.

Solution: To enable the Sophos managed appliance experience, configure your firewall to allow email with attachments from the web appliance to

Long delays when loading web pages

Problem: If latency is significantly increased when browsing through the appliance, the problem may be due to an inappropriate Speed and duplex setting forced by enabling the auto-detect option.

Solution: To test if this is the case, set one of the manual options in the Speed and duplex option on the Configuration > Network > Network Interface page. If this change does not remedy the high latency problem, reinstate the automatic option and contact Sophos Technical Support .

RealPlayer Content Appears to be Blocked

Problem: RealPlayer content fails to play. This is typically a firewall configuration issue and not a web appliance problem. RealPlayer uses port 554, which is typically blocked in default firewall configurations.

Note The remote site can force the use of a non-HTTP port, which will result in users not being able to view the content if the firewall is blocking the port being used.

Solution: To enable access to RealPlayer content, open port 554 on your firewall.