Server error

An error occurred when the appliance tried to join the Active Directory domain. If you receive this error, ensure that the following are true:

  • The detected or configured Domain Controller is currently running.
  • The required ports between the appliance and the Domain Controller are open bi-directionally; these are:
    Port Protocol Service Purpose
    53 TCP & UDP dns DNS query
    88 TCP & UDP kerberos Kerberos authentication
    123 UDP ntp Clock synchronization
    139 TCP netbios-ssn MS NetBIOS over TCP/IP
    389 TCP & UDP ldap LDAP synchronization
    445 TCP smb MS server message block
    3268 TCP & UDP msgc MS AD Global Catalog synchronization
    Port 123 is only required if the Network Time Protocol server is set to the local Domain Controller on the Configuration > System > Time Zone page.
  • The network connection between the appliance and the Domain Controller is working.

If the above checks fail to identify the problem, please contact Sophos Technical Support .