Subdomain failed to authenticate

The configuration detection for one or more of your subdomains did not complete successfully. Click the "show details" link to see a list of the subdomains for which the settings could not be detected. Group policy for non-primary groups from those subdomains might not be applied as expected.

You can also check the following

  • The global catalog points to a single Active Directory forest containing a single Active Directory tree.
  • The root domain of your Active Directory forest has an explicit trust relationship with all domains in the forest.
  • The same administrator credentials work for all child domain controllers.
  • All child domain controllers are accessible via the network and port 389 is open between the appliance and all domain controllers within the Active Directory forest.

If you cannot successfully connect to your Active Directory forest, you can manually change the port number for the Active Directory LDAP server (on the Configuration > System > Active Directory page) to 389 to force the appliance to access the Active Directory server as a single domain.