Creating a New Administrator Account

In the Administrators table, click the Add button to open the Administrator Accounts Wizard.

Use the Previous and Next buttons to move between pages of the wizard or the Cancel button to close the wizard and discard the entry.

To add a new administrator:

  1. On the Details page of the wizard, enter the Full name, Username and Password, and then Confirm password for that user.
  2. On the Roles page of the wizard, select whether the user should be a Full Access Administrator, or a Limited Access Administrator.
    For a Limited Access Administrator, select one or more of the following roles:
    • Helpdesk: Approves user submissions, tests the policies, and verifies network connectivity
    • Policy: Configures and tests global and group web browsing policies.
    • Reporting: Views or schedules reports.
    • User Activity: Has access to detailed web activity data.
    Note The comment section of new entries in the Local Site List will include which Helpdesk administrator approved a user submission.
  3. The Reporting Groups page is enabled when a Limited Access Administrator is being created with one or both of the Reporting or User Activity roles.
    • Select Include all reporting groups if you want the new administrator to have access to all existing groups.
    • Select Include only selected reporting groups if you want to restrict the administrator’s access to specific groups. Then, in the Reporting Groups table, select the specific groups to which the administrator should have access.
  4. On the Description page of the wizard, enter a description for the administrator.
  5. Click Save.

    The Administrator Accounts Wizard is closed, and the new administrator account appears in the Administrators list.