Configuring Dynamic Categorization

Note Dynamic Categorization is not supported for Endpoint Web Control.

The Configuration > Global Policy > Dynamic Categorization page allows you to enable or disable the automatic detection of anonymizing proxies and caching sites. Such sites can allow users to access websites that would otherwise be blocked. For example, the URL to a cached Google page contains the encoded URL of the original page wrapped in the URL of the Google caching server.

While many of the anonymizers and similar sites are known, new ones are created on an ongoing basis. web appliance detection of such sites is based on both lists of identified anonymizing proxies and caching sites, as well as URL characteristic analysis. This helps catch previously unidentified sites, thus greatly increasing our success in blocking users’ access to objectionable content through such sites.

Enable this option if preventing access to such sites is important for policy enforcement in your organization.

Note Enabling this option may have a performance impact.
Important If you enable this option, you should also enable the SophosLabs sharing option to maximize the benefit of this feature. The SophosLabs sharing option is set on the Configuration > Global Policy > General Options page.

To enable or disable dynamic categorization of anonymizers:

  • Click On to the right of Anonymizers to enable automatic detection of anonymizing proxies.
  • Click Off to the right of Anonymizers to disable automatic detection of anonymizing proxies.