Controlling Web Applications

On the Web Applications page of the Additional Policy wizard you can configure how your additional policy differs from the default policy for each web application. The default behavior is to Use default.

  1. Click the drop-down menu under Action.
    • Use default will use the Default Policy.
    • Choose Allow to allow access to the web application.
    • Choose Block to block access to the web application.
    • Choose Quota to allow access to the web application, but have it count towards your Quota Time.
    • Choose Follow Category to allow the site category to control access to the web application.
  2. For web applications that are set to Allow or Quota, you can also configure Enabled features:
    1. Click on the row for an application.
    2. Ensure that only the features you want enabled are selected.
      For instance, if only Status Update is not selected under Enabled features for Facebook only status updates will be disabled. Access to the rest of the site will be allowed.
  3. Click Next or Save.