Configuring Download Types

On the Download Types page of the Additional Policy wizard, you can modify any of the default policy settings or leave them unchanged to accept the default.
  • Modify the settings or accept the default settings for any of the Download Types that you want to change by selecting:
    • Allow (green): If selected, lets users download content of this type; if cleared, denies users the ability to download them.
    • Warn (yellow): If selected, presents a warning to users that they are at risk of violating their organization’s web use policy, but allows them to proceed with their requested downloads of this type. A log entry is created when a user does proceed in possible contravention of the organization’s web use policy.
    • Block (red): If selected, prevents users from downloading content of this type and displays a warning page explaining the reason why access is blocked.
    • Use default (gray): This is the current setting, to which you can restore any changed type.
    Note Rules that have been overridden are displayed with the background color associated with that setting: Allow is green, Warn is yellow, and Block is red. This does not necessarily mean that the override setting is different from the default or special hours policy setting, it only indicates that this option is no longer drawn from the default or special hours policies settings.
  • Modify the settings or accept the default settings for the Block potentially unwanted applications option.
  • Once the category handling for this additional policy is set, move to the next page of the wizard by clicking either the Tags icon or the Next button.