Additional Options

On the Additional Options page of the Additional Policy wizard:
  1. Select the Sandstorm profile that you want to apply.
    • Use default: use the default Sandstorm profile.
    • Send any suspicious files for analysis: all suspicious downloaded items will be sent for analysis in the Sophos Active Sandbox component of Sophos Sandstorm.
    • Exclude suspicious PDFs and documents: send all suspicious downloads for analysis in the Sophos Active Sandbox, except PDFs and other documents.
    • Do not send suspicious files for analysis: do not send any downloaded items for analysis, even if they are suspicious.
    Note The Sandstorm option is not available if you do not have a Sophos Sandstorm license.
  2. Under Quotas select the number of quota minutes allowed for this policy.
    The browse time for all categories and tags that have been set to quota will count toward the browse time selected here.
    Note If you update the allowed browse time, the new setting will not take effect until the next day. If you need the new browse time to take effect immediately, you can manually reset users’ quota times on the Configuration > Group Policy > Quota Status page.
  3. Optionally, select Don't log traffic for this policy if you do not wish to record logging information for users and actions associated with this policy.
  4. Click Next or Save.